As of version 3.4 of Cow RP, you can now customise your cow. This allows you to input your name, hair style/colour, gender, and skin colour. Also, depending on your gender, it allows facial hair/makeup.
Screenshot 1

The screen displayed upon logging in.

Skin TypesEdit

You are now allowed multiple skin colours, but this doesn't mean you are allowed to neglect another race for no valid RP reason.


You can choose any type of hairstyle and the color. Long, short, bald, and more!


You can choose how your face looks, you could be missing one eye, have freckles, and other facial features.

Facial HairEdit

For males only. Grow a beard, have a mustache, or just be plain ol' shaved.


For females only. You can change how your eyes look, have lipstick, or both!

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