Crafting is the usage of one or more resources to make a new item. In Cow RP there are many things to craft to help you in the game, crafting is very important when in need of tools, dyes, and pretty much anything you don't start with or are able to find in the wilderness.

Carpentry CraftsEdit

Fire can be crafted by pressing the Build button (B is default), selecting it, then clicking an adjacent tile. To craft using carpentry, double click wood in your inventory, then select what you want to make. It'll automatically be sent to your inventory.

Masonry CraftsEdit

To craft using masonry, double click stone in your inventory, then select what you want to make. It'll automatically be sent to your inventory.

Hide CraftsEdit

To craft with hide, double click it in your inventory. Hide can be used to make many types of clothing and rugs.

Clay CraftsEdit

Double click clay to craft with it. Clay can be used to make figurines, new and duplicate key molds.

Gold CraftsEdit

To craft with gold, drag it onto a furnace. Gold can create new keys, gold coins, and pure necklaces. Gems can be combined with necklaces to make a necklace imbued with that gem.

Wool CraftsEdit

To craft with wool, simply combine it with another piece in the combine command in the commands tab. It can be used to make Rope, which can be combined with other rope to make Rope shackles


Combination is the action of using an item with another. To manually combine, go into the Commands tab, click the combine verb, then drag the items you want to combine together. A quick way to combine is to drag an item in your direct inventory to another, but it only works if they're different materials and they're on the same tab.

Basic CraftsEdit

These can be made through Combination.


Stone+Stone = Sharp Stone

Sharp Stone+Wood = Axe/Knife/Hoe/Shovel

Stone+Wood = Sledgehammer

Sharp Stone+ Sharp Stone = Pickaxe Head

Pickaxe Head+ Wood = Pickaxe

Wool+Wood = 'Fishing Pole

Bucket+Wood = Churn (places where standing)

Gem+Hide = Goggles

Berry + Berry = Dye

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