The Blue Mage.

The mages are mystic and wise beings who can use the powerful divine art of magic. Whether it be saving lives with healing, creating meteor storms to destroy a monster plague, or even encasing a man in light to save the king at the last second, mages can do many things.

Red MageEdit

The mage of damage, destruction, and often revenge. The red mage controls fire itself and can use this to their advantage in fights. He can cast the following spells.

Fireball- Cast a flaming ball directly in front of the fire mage. Basic damage spell.

Meteor- Summon a meteor storm within a 7x7 radius of the targeted area. Uses up about 50 sleep. Advanced damage spell.

Blue MageEdit

The mage of healing, freezing,and often helping. The blue mage uses ice for freezing and for healing. They can help there allies in big fights. He can cast the following spells.

Icebolt- Cast a ball of ice directly in front of the ice mage. Basic damage spell.

Heal- Heals the target for some health. Basic Healing Spell.

Yellow MageEdit

The mage of lightning, and encapturing. With the magic to keep you stuck, and also to shoot lightning at you, this mage can be quite powerful. He can cast the following spells.

Lightning- Cast a spark of lightning in front of the lightning mage. Basic damage spell.

Case of Light- Encapture the enemy in a box of light, preventing them from moving. Spells and arrows can go through this.

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