The priest is the main religious figure in the game. He lives in the church in the village and conveys his religion to the people. He is present in Bovinia and Cowmalot and is the only non-peasant character to live outside the castle (in Bovinia). He lives in the castle if he is Cowmalotian. He is also capable of using restorative magic and starts off with no tools.

Special ItemsEdit


The Priest is capable of using the following magic.

Heal- Heals the target for some health. Basic healing spell.

Rebirth- Revives a targeted dead player to full health. Advanced healing spell.

Roleplay DutiesEdit

As the priest, he conveys a religion to the people which will become the official one, whether it be centered on a holy god or the priest himself being a dark reaper. With his important job, he is not able to leave the kingdom and wander off, unless it's EXTREMELY important. He could be kind and benevolent or be twisted and malicious.

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